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      Hunan Cenlee Scientific Instrument Co., Ltd, derive from centrifuge factory of Hunan instrument company which affiliated to ministry of machinery industry. After the state-owned enterprise reform, some experienced technology specialists and sales managers leave the original factory and found Cenlee as a joint stock company. After several years development, Cenlee grows up as a stronger instrument manufacturer especially for centrifuge. Our employee insists the continuing improvement spirit of craftsman., ensure the product comply high quality requirement. We offer attractive salary for instrument industry field talents, keep developing new products integrate with high technology. We emphasize customer-oriented principle, focus on specialized centrifuge design for life science field, involve bio-chemistry laboratory, medical examination, bio-chemistry scientific research, biological pharmacy application. We have top level technical service team and high efficiency commercial team, we are always ready to provide fully support for scientist. In recent years, we focus on intelligent optimization and new technology integration for centrifuge, applied several core patents already. Achieved great progress for customize product and efficiency improvement, especially the safety and reliability promotion, with these achievements we powered our brand competitiveness, successfully listed in the top 3 suppliers for life science centrifuge application, get a lot praises and acceptation from terminal users. Our product widely used in following field: bio-chemistry high education, agriculture science, bio-chemistry scientific research, biological pharmacy, petrochemical industry, evidence investigation, etc. Our core philosophy is “Cenlee Technology- Improve your Precision in Wisdom Lab”. We are proud to contribute our “Cenlee power” for China life science related instrument industry promotion. 


湖南湘立科學儀器有限公司 2014 版權所有

詳細地址:湖南省長沙市高新區谷苑路229號生產廠房B2棟802      郵政編碼:410007

聯系電話:0731-88803020 84713020 4000826822        公司傳真:0731-84863976

公司網站:http://www.daoshu.site  電子郵件:xiangli@xianglilxj.com

備案號: 湘ICP備13003344號-3